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❔❓ Explanation

  • Type Your Forum Name (without http:// and www) and select our available free domain address. Addresses can consist of English letters and numbers. Examples: youruniquename.idsosial.net, yourcompanyname.idsosial.net, yourpopularchoolname.idsosial.net.

  • Give your forum a name/title. After login as Admin, You can change the title anytime.

  • Select one of the available forum category. Example Categories: Games, Auto & Motors, Business & Finances, Woman & Forums, Good & Service, Hobby, Work, Entertainmet, Sport, Education, Travel, Dating, and more. After login as Admin, you can change your forum category anytime. (NOTE: Adult Content Category cant be changed)

  • Type the desired username to login as admin. Ex. Admin. You can change it anytime

  • Type a valid email address to login as admin. The Admin`s login password will be sent automatically to the email. After the first login by using the given password, you can change your email and password anytime.

  • Do not remember to check the User Aggreement

  • The last: Click the Create a Forum Button

Then the IDSosial system will automatically install your free forum website in English interface. Please login for the first time by using the given password

🖇 Custom Domain
To use your own custom domain. Please add domain to your forum. You can add more than 1 custom domain.

  • login to your forum and open Domain menu or open the URL youruniquename.idsosial.net/admin_domain.php

  • Your custom domain can be: youruniquedomain.com. subdomain.yourdomainname.com

You can post in your own language (English, Indonesian, Japan, Arabic, etc). The default Forum language is English and Russian. You can translate the display language of your forum website to another language you want by using certain plugin scripts. Search the available plugins in: Plugin Add on Gallery

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